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Under Republic Act No. 8239, also known as the “Philippine Passport Act of 1996,” a Philippine passport is a document issued by the Philippine government to its citizens requesting other governments to allow its citizens to pass freely, and in case of need to give them lawful aid and protection [RA 8239, Sec. (d)]. The acquisition of a Philippine passport is a privilege. The law recognizes the passport applicant’s constitutional right to travel. However, the State is also mandated to protect and maintain the integrity and credibility of the passport and travel documents proceeding from it. It is a function of our Philippine consular officers to pass upon claims for or resolve matters involving Philippine citizenship and, upon determination of such citizenship, to issue an applicant with a Philippine passport. The passport remains a property of the Philippine Government and should be surrendered to the State should it be demanded through a competent Philippine Government official.

Our ePassport Section offers the following services:

  • First Time Application
  • Renewal
  • Amendment of Last Name
  • Replacement of Lost or Damaged Machine Readable Passports
  • Replacement of Lost or Damaged ePassport
  • Travel Documents
  • Previous Records Request

Important Note:

Release of ePassports takes up to 6 to 8 weeks (the waiting period for the release of ePassports is subject to change without prior notice). The names of applicants whose passports are available for release will be posted on the Embassy's website. Please clickhere to access the link of passports ready for release.

Please refer to the page Schedule of Fees to see the latest and updated prices of our ePassport services.